Extra Extra Weekend op zaterdag 2 juni
2 jun 2018

Literatuur, muziek, film en theater.

Extra Extra Weekend op zaterdag 2 juni
2 jun
  • TR Schouwburg, Rotterdam
    Hele gebouw
    za 2 jun
    16:00 - 23:00

Het Extra Extra Weekend kan gezien worden als het live weekendkatern van het papieren Extra Extra. Met oa erotische verhalen van nederlandse schrijvers, film, voetmassages en meer. Verschillende formats die leven geven aan het event en een uitkomst in een meerdaags publieksprogramma.

Karel Martens - Icon Viewer- 16:00-22:00 | Mediawall

Move in space, become visible, share intimacy with the icon grid in Karel Martens’ installation Icon Viewer; the Icon Viewer is an experience of digital voyeurism.
Graphic designer Karel Martens explores the intertwinement and the transparence of colors giving flow to an unexpected digital visual uprisings. The geometrical and icon surround the astonishing beauty through which Karel Martens slithers a new form of aesthetic sensibility.


Film Programme- 16:00-22:00 | Various locations

Join us in closeted worlds with our film programme. The programme focuses on several cineasts and video artists featured in the magazine. You are welcome to follow your own route and programme and experience the daring worlds of Bertrand Mandico, Erik van Lieshout, Mary Reid Kelley, Carlos Reygadas and Joao Pedro Rodrigues. The film programme takes place in the unique and unsuspected environments of the Orchestra Dressing rooms, Garden Room and Haltheatre.


Leisure-  19:00-23:00 | Relaxation

Surrender yourself to ultimate relaxation during the Extra Extra Leisure program. Enjoy a foot massage by Bianca Tjon-Fo or get yourself a new braided hair look by Melany Esajas. Read the magazine Extra Extra #10, which is available for a special price of €10,-.

Wunderbaum - De geschiedenis van mijn stijfheid-Programme of De Dansweek, separate ticketsale! 19:00 | Theatre

De geschiedenis van mijn stijfheid (The history of my stiffness) is a theatre play about the Dutch inability to move smoothly. Do our deep-seated Calvinism, the cold, our shame and the clay landscape determine the way we dance? Are we born stiff or are we stiff? Together with ten stiff compatriots Marleen Scholten and Walter Bart try to understand the Dutch national character. For only €5,- extra (by showing your Extra Extra entrance) you can visit Wunderbaum!


The Double Collective/Dalton Jansen - The Double/To the Edge - Programme of De Dansweek, separate ticketsale! 19:00 – 20:15 | Dance

The Double Collective and Dalton Jansen Choreography present a double bill consisting of The Double and To the Edge. The Double is about the déjà vu of meeting yourself, maybe in a busy city or in a dream. A real encounter between two almost identical people who challenge each other but at the same time show each other their strengths and weaknesses. Is The Double a real, physical doppelganger or just a fantasy? To the Edge shows six male dancers in a square box. Tension is tangible in the box, but it is not clear where this tension comes from. How does the space influence the relationship between the performers and how do they relate to each other? For only €5,- extra (by showing your Extra Extra entrance) you can visit Dalton!


Interview program hosted by Abdelkader Benali -Short story reading

Extra Extra invited the most delicious minds we know in Dutch literature to write an erotic short story. Don Duyns, Alma Mathijsen and Maartje Wortel are present and will read their story. Enjoy lingering interviews with amongst others artist David Haines and artist Riley Harmon, hosted by Abdelkader Benali. Excite yourself over the erotic short stories by Ivo Victoria and Daniël Dee read by Mark Winstanley uncovering stirring encounters and sweltering dreams.

19:15 – 19:45 Reading and interview Novelist Alma Mathijsen
19:45 – 19:50 Performative reading Mark Winstanley
20:35 – 20:45 Interview Artist David Haines
20:45 – 20:55 Interview Artist Riley Harmon
21:20 – 21:30 Performative reading Mark Winstanley
21:30 – 21:55 Reading and interview Novelist Maartje Wotel
22:00 – 22:30 Reading and interview Playwriter Don Duyns


Rosas - A love supreme - Programme of De Dansweek, separate ticketsale! 20:30 – 21:30 | Dance GEANNULEERD

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Salva Sanchis work together in A love supreme, a quartet on the legendary music of John Coltrane. Coltranes musical structures, which are inspired by the blues, give a lot of space for freedom of expression. The tension between complexity and simplicity in the music translates literally to the choreography: the choreographers accept the challenge to intertwine improvisation and composition.

Joey Schrauwen - Masking Friendship- 21:00-21:15 | Performance

Masking Friendship is an endearing interactive performance about physical interaction with strangers. Joey Schrauwen uses a robotic mask with his own resemblance suitable for coming closer to the audience. Come and lose yourself in this heartwarming performance.

Loes Verstappen – Extra Extra Playlist 23:00 – 02:00 | Music

End the evening with some smooth moves on the dancefloor accompanied by the compelling Extra Extra playlists, created by Loes Verstappen.


Lees hier meer van de makers van Extra Extra over het weekend


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