Choreographer Ann van den Broek

Ann Van den Broek is a visionary contemporary dance choreographer whose creative process is deeply rooted in the exploration of human behavior, emotions, and encounters in diverse life settings. Drawing inspiration from her introspection and fascination with the intricacies of emotions and behavioral patterns, she also keenly observes the experiences of others around her.

In addition to personal encounters, Van den Broek finds inspiration in the fabric of contemporary society itself, capturing the essence of the time, recent phenomena, and universal motifs. Her works often serve as critical responses or rebellions against unquestioned norms, overlooked issues, or established conventions, without overtly conveying explicit political, social, or ideological messages. Instead, they carry an underlying tone that challenges conformity indirectly.

The core concept of each new performance is born from these behavioral patterns, impressions, zeitgeists, and life phenomena, consistently exploring themes such as restlessness, conflict, resistance, control, fanaticism, nihilism, and activity/passivity.

Van den Broek's unique approach involves placing everyday actions within the context of movement and dance. Her choreographic process entails meticulous analysis, resulting in intricately structured movements that blend the rational and the irrational. She delves into the essence of movements, striving for controlled expression, where the rational framing of the human body encapsulates the uncontrollable desire to spontaneously express inner motives, feelings, and frustrations.

In her performances, Van den Broek challenges her dancers both physically and mentally, pushing their boundaries to create authentic and engaging portrayals. She trains her dancers to incorporate her movement language based on their boundless imagination and genuine belief in inner motives, evoking raw human emotions in direct interaction with the audience.

Through minimalistic spatial aesthetics and profound musical integration, Van den Broek's performances evoke emotions and invite introspection, leaving room for interpretation and personal connections. Her artistic vision is a harmonious fusion of emotion and analysis, making her a compelling and influential voice in the world of contemporary dance.