Alida Dors

“I want to widen the artistic status quo by adding new traditions.”

Artistic director Alida Dors is a paragon of Hip-Hop culture, with its ethos of learning by doing, crew mentality, and the 'each one, teach one' philosophy deeply embedded in her work. As a theater producer and choreographer, she ensures that every project is a chorus of diverse voices, where each member of her crew brings their unique flair—be it through lyrics, music, or a rich tapestry of dance styles. For Alida, collaboration is about creating a sum greater than its parts, a belief that one plus one should always amount to at least three. Her work is always in dialogue with being different , urban landscapes, spaces of belonging and how Theater Rotterdam can be an integral part of this conversation. This collaborative spirit is a reflection of Theater Rotterdam's credo: 'I am because we are'.



Born in Amsterdam in 1977, Alida's journey from a fiscal economics graduate to a luminary in the dance world is a narrative of passion meeting purpose. Her transition into the breakdance scene led to tours with international artists such as Eternal and the development of her own distinctive dance style. This style not only captivated audiences but also inspired her to teach and share her vision with others, straddling both underground and commercial sectors, including performances with ISH Dance Collective.

In 2004, Alida's entrepreneurial drive birthed Solid Ground Movement, a Hip-Hop school in Amsterdam, co-founded with Bryan Druiventak. This platform was the springboard for her choreographic career, which soon caught the eye of the international arts community, earning her grants from the VandenEnde Foundation and the Dutch Performing Arts Fund. Her talent was further honed with the support of institutions such as Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam, Het Lab in Utrecht, Dansateliers, productiehuis MC in Amsterdam, and Korzo in Den Haag.

Alida's intellectual pursuits culminated in a Sociology degree from the University of Amsterdam in 2011, a scholarly achievement that complemented the founding of her dance company, BackBone. Under her leadership, BackBone has become an indispensable entity in the performing arts, with Alida at the helm, fearlessly exploring themes of race and bi-cultural identity.

Her role expanded as she became a maker at Productiehuis Rotterdam in 2015 and continued her trajectory with Theater Rotterdam post-merger, ascending to Artistic Director in 2020. Her directorial finesse shone through in Or Die Trying a production that garnered a nomination for De Zwaan, the most significant dance accolade in the Netherlands, for the 2019-2021 season.

Alida Dors' creations are adventurous, interdisciplinary dance chronicles that weave together Hip-Hop and modern dance, characterized by their social and political engagement. Her work is a beacon of contemporary relevance, engaging audiences with innovative performances that deepen the cultural experience.


The Story of Travis: “The contribution of choreographer Alida Dors is of immense value. A director and choreographer hardly ever succeed in finding a good balance between lyrics and dance, but Vrede and Dors have created the perfect marriage.” 

★★★★★ NRC


"The Story of Travis is highly engaging, and it is a much-needed and enriching addition to the Dutch theater landscape.

★★★★ Volkskrant 


"Alida Dors has proved in earlier performances that her choreographies can be flawless. With the added honest, raw realism in Or Die Trying, she has now created a show you don’t want to miss."


“Rebound is a dazzling and thrilling statement about resilience and about fighting back from a disadvantaged position.”

Volkskrant ✮✮✮✮


"Well-oiled choreography by Alida Dors, the lady in the Netherlands who makes contemporary dance based on hiphop idiom.”

Volkskrant ✮✮✮


"Built for it shows that hiphop can be more than just a battle of virtuoso art and skills.”

Theaterkrant ✮✮✮✮