Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition Livestream 2022

A must-see for all dance lovers!
do 23 jun - za 25 jun
“The world's biggest choreographic duet competition”

“The world's biggest choreographic duet competition”


RIDCC (also known as Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition) experienced its first edition in 2018. After great success, RIDCC is now an annual festival, with a choreography competition with multi-styled, innovative, and remarkable duets. RIDCC will be held on 23, 24, and 25 June 2022 in Theater Rotterdam. 

International dance talent from all over the world will travel to Rotterdam. Sixteen choreographic talents present duets, chosen from 311 registrations, while competing for outstanding awards.  A must-see for all dance lovers!

The RIDCC live stream of the semi-finals, finals and award ceremony is there for everyone who cannot attend RIDCC live. This live stream gives the audience worldwide the opportunity to admire the wonderful talents. Also, the audience may vote online for the duet that deserves the Audience Award!

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The program for the first semi-final, Thursday 23 June, is as follows:

  1. Mehdi Berdai – “Chaos”
  2. Liam Francis – “Where to Start?”
  3. Lotem Regev – “Nature”
  4. Alesya Dobysh & Marina Pravkina – “Possessed”
  5. Juan Tirado & Marco di Nardo – “Ordinary People”
  6. Megan Doheny &Ilya Nikurov– “Escape”
  7. Noam Segal& Tamara Dekel – “With Four Hands”
  8. Paxton Ricketts & Boston Gallacher – “J O Y drafts: an incomplete list”

The program for the second semi-final, Friday 24 June, is as follows:

  1. Anat Oz – “Introtention Coda”
  2. Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros – “Corrente”
  3. Selene Martello & Dario Wilmington – “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness”
  4. Vittorio Pagani – “Around 5:65”
  5. Olivia Court Mesa & in collaboration with Yochai Ginton – “I Carry, you hold”
  6. Charles Antoni – “Nowhere but blue”
  7. Emrecan Tanis – “Fragment”