Feeling Curious?

Every year in september Theater Rotterdam will take over the city with it's international performance festival Feeling Curious?.

To warm you up we'll host Feeling Curious?-Nights throughout the year to keep your senses tingling. On 14 february we'd love to welcome you on our special Valentine's Edition. 


Check out the program of our first Feeling Curious?-night!


Feeling Curious? would be nothing without our creatives. Check out all the choreographers, directors and artists we've worked with. 


What kind of festival is Feeling Curious?

Feeling Curious? is Theater Rotterdam's International Performance Festival, that strives to be radically adventurous. We celebrate variety, applaud the unusual and root for the unkown. 

During our 10-day Rotterdam take-over we offer our stage to performers from all over the world. We go beyond genre, age and background. The one thing they share is a radical view of the world. And of theatre making. War, climate change, competition and growing social inequality – are issues on our makers’ minds. They counter them with visions of hope. They immerse their audiences in new rituals.

Besides that we host our Feeling Curious?-nights through out the season, which we use to keep your senses tingling prior to the festival. 

When does Feeling Curious? take place?

Our next Feeling Curious?-night takes place on February 14 surrounding the performance C A R C A Ç A.

The next edition of the festival will take place from September 24 till October 5 2024. Tickets for the festival will be on sale soon!

Can I attend if I don't speak Dutch?

Yes! Our next edition on the 14th will be mostly without spoken language. The other program elements will be in English. 


We loved having you! Check out our 2023 aftermovie to catch a glimps of the Feeling Curious?-vibe.

Already feeling FOMO? Tickets for our Feeling Curious?-night are on sale now!