(to read before watching the show)

Speaking a different language than the commonly chosen is political. 

I am the language of opposition.

Opposition creates friction. Friction is pressure and heat. Pressure and heat are the principles of transformation. Transformation often carries within suffering and discomfort like when a lobster shreds its armour. The armour represents the constriction that comes with safety. We know that beyond this shell mayors worlds are awaiting and therefore the suffering of transformation is unavoidable. In the Happiness of Suffering is the creativity to overcome ourselves. It is not about the circumstances we are in but the way we go through them.

Instead of believing that happiness would come only after the end of my suffering, I transformed the process of suffering into a happy one. My work became the embodied metaphor of shredding the armour:

There is no joy without pain.
No beauty without monstrosity. 
No sense of expansion without experiencing limitation.
No new reality without a performance that envisions it first.

[a Sacrifice of Love].

The success of my work is not in a written theatre review but in its own capacity of  Innovation. As I only strive to innovate myself I am the ultimate thermometer. Nobody is my reference but dead icons. I don’t conform to norms. I bend them. I don’t make theatre for critics and programmers. I make theatre for the people that needs it the most. The ones that have no access to it yet. That is the paradox of the box I’ve put myself in.

My work is a reminder of that is yet missing.

There are many places to stand on, but I’ve chosen to stand on “the place of no compromises”. I sit like an eagle and dig my claws on the stone of theatre only to use it as a trampoline for my eternal flight. I’m not having an experience. I’m designing an experience.

I hold in my body the knowledge of the past, the mysticism, classic and outdated forms evoking the stars we only saw in ancient times. These gifts are the brushes I use to paint my clown make-up: the mask that hides a mask. This mask spits on my face. It’s mouth doesn’t respect my words. 

I am a contradiction in movement.
I am a focused chaos.
Regardless, at the end of this river all my waters go to the same pond: 
the place where the cup that quenches your thirst is filled.
This is my invitation for you to jump down the unavoidable stream. 

feeling is


I speak the language of the thinking heart.

I am the language of the new world.

The Reality of the Heart has become the New Transaction, currency and capital. This New Dialect doesn’t grow at the rhythm of the city. It grows at the rhythm of the trees. It is a flower being born in between two bricks. It seems constricted but in reality its roots are so deep that are invisible to those of limited understanding. To speak this tongue you have to put your intellectual greed aside and be willing to relearn. It is the time to admit that the only certain thing is your ignorance. And ignorance is a gift as it is there for you to learn beyond your own limited perception about who you are.

Only with these Eyes you can see who I am.
Only with these Ears you can hear my true voice.
Only with this Tongue you can speak mine.
Only then you will Realise that I’m nothing else than
your Mirror.

In the great tradition of Paris is Burning and ARIAH LESTER's Extravaganza, Eleganza: I bring to you VIAJERO DEL AMOR (not Reloaded but RevolutionS) just like the third sequel of the movie The Matrix. I went to hell and came back. I overcame all my fears and doubts [This is my Sacrifice of Love].

This is my self-procalmed premiere.
My world tour. 
My self given award.
My own conquest.
My invitation for you to choose between the red or blue pill.
I am the language of ‘a not knowing that knows it all’.

And yet the question is: 

Why would my story - my empowerment, my love, overcoming all my fears and limitations - be of any relevance for the world today?