Artist Dana Michel

Dana Michel, a dynamic live artist, uniquely fuses the realms of improvisation, sculpture, hip-hop, comedy, cinematography, dub, and insightful social commentary, crafting a riveting centrifuge of experiences. Her journey is nothing short of intriguing. Before embracing the world of contemporary dance in her late twenties at Concordia University, Michel led a multifaceted life as a marketing executive and a competitive athlete, excelling in both running and football.

Her artistic prowess has been globally acknowledged. In 2014, the prestigious ImPulsTanz Award in Vienna celebrated her exceptional accomplishments, a sentiment echoed by The New York Times when they spotlighted her as a notable choreographer that same year. By 2017, her innovative approach to dance earned her the Silver Lion award at the Venice Biennale. Her groundbreaking influence in the world of dance was solidified in 2018 when she became the inaugural dance artist in residence at Canada's National Arts Centre in Ottawa, followed by a residency at Usine C in Montreal.

Michel's inaugural solo performance, Yellow Towel, garnered critical acclaim, ranking among the top dance moments in both Voir and Dance Current magazines in 2013. She continued to captivate audiences with subsequent solo masterpieces like Mercurial George, Cutlass Spring and MIKE

Belgian organization Campo eloquently captured Michel's essence, highlighting her audacious spirit that dares to challenge conventions and question societal constructs. They described her as "unparalleled and unique. Rather than just dancing, one can say she dares. She dares to break conventions and challenge our thought frameworks, doing so from a position she's acutely aware of: as an artist, a woman, and a Black individual."