Cherish Menzo


During Welcome to our Guesthouse #7 Cherish presents her research KILLED AND EXTENDED DARLINGS: SUBTLE WHINE. She will emerge herself and the audience in the musical, aesthetic, mechanical, and geographical nuances of the Whine, which ultimately results in an audiovisual installation and live storytelling performance. For this, she immerses herself in studying the Caribbean Whine, a truly regional dance form to the calypso or soca rhythm. It requires no education or formal learning, it is transmitted in a social context and comes as natural als language rhythm or speech cadence.

Together with cinematographer Andrea Casetti, Cherish explores different cinematic formations and collaborations for the individual short films.With a commitment to pushing boundaries and a passion for exploring the depths of human emotion, Cherish continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of dance and performance.  

As a choreographer, Cherish Menzo searches for forms of movement and being, where beauty and the grotesque are placed on an equal footing. She consciously looks for an alienating effect to lead both the viewer and herself away from the familiar. Away from the familiar that we sometimes too easily equate with 'the (only) truth'. She moves between the nostalgia of 90s and 00s hiphop and the worlds of industrial hiphop, rap lyrics, manga and speculative fiction.

KILLED AND EXTENDED DARLINGS: SUBTLE WHINE is a coproduction with GRIP (BE) and will continue to develop over the next two years.