Choreographer Andreas Hannes

Andreas Hannes is an artist of Greek origin, whose creative journey has been deeply shaped by his early exposure to music and dance. Born in Greece, he was greatly influenced by his father's musical profession, igniting a passion for movement and expression that led him to dance enthusiastically in his living room. His academic pursuits initially revolved around music and percussion, but fate had other plans. Andreas soon discovered a parallel love for film, prompting a life-changing move to the Netherlands in 2010.

In the Netherlands, Andreas immersed himself in the world of film, establishing himself as a versatile freelance director and producer, specializing in crafting impactful short films. This exploration of the cinematic medium gradually evolved into a profound affinity for dance films. His dedication to the craft led him to pursue a formal education in choreography at the esteemed School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, where he honed his skills and further refined his artistic vision.

At the core of Andreas Hannes' artistic philosophy lies a relentless commitment to experimentation. Embracing eclecticism, he seeks to explore the dynamic tension between bodies, principles, and perspectives. Drawing from the diverse fields, backgrounds, and experiences he has traversed, Andreas infuses his work with depth and complexity, striving to captivate both performers and spectators alike.

In his mesmerizing stage productions, drama serves as a potent life force, enriching the backdrop against which he weaves compelling narratives. Andreas masterfully integrates elements of spectacle, entertainment, science fiction, and temporal dimensions, interwoven with significant social and political implications. His art becomes a transformative journey, resonating with hope and shaping the future through the captivating power of dance. With unwavering dedication, Andreas Hannes continues to push the boundaries of creative expression, leaving an indelible mark on the dance world and inspiring audiences to explore new realms of emotion and imagination.