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Moving Futures 2024

Jefta Tanate - Justin de Jager - Anthony van Gog - Trevoga
do 25 apr en vr 26 apr

Traveling through nine Dutch cities, the Moving Futures Festival will hit Rotterdam on 25 and 26 April. Here you can experience dance by the newest generation of makers in all its manifestations.

25 April Jefta Tanate & Justin de Jager

Jefta Tanate - Domeless 

How do you find your home when the ground under your feet disappears?

The need to feel connected, recognized and secure is in every human being. But what if, due to personal circumstances, you lose your home? When the place you identify with no longer exists? In Domeless, two dancers delve into this search for a new home. They build walls, break down parts and eventually try to create a safe haven again. But what does that actually take? How do they build something when they have limited resources? 

Domeless is a performance about the impact of loss and finding your new place in the world. An ode to those who make us feel at home.

Duration: 45 min

Justin de Jager - Brothers

The performance Brothers is a duet by Justin de Jager and Sem Deliveyne. This play focuses on the theme of 'brotherhood'. Inspired by their mutual friendship and experience as ‘younger brothers of..’ Justin and Sem take you on a journey of support, competition, intimacy and cooperation. Brothers is epitomised by the movement concept threading derived from breakdance. They clench limbs and create openings through which they pass together, literally and figuratively.

Duration: 25 min 


26 April Anthony van Gog & Trevoga 

Anthony van Gog - crowdkill

Enter the world of crowdkill, Anthony van Gog's latest performance in which an intense bass sound dominates. Surrounded by four mega subwoofers, a figure seeks the limits of his body. The intense bass, together with a soundscape of instrumental melodies, ambient sounds and live body sounds, builds a space where nothing is certain anymore. What happens when the performer's body, as well as yours as a spectator, no longer has landmarks and can no longer hold onto anything?

PLANmaker Anthony van Gog (Antwerp, 1996) will spend the next few years under the wings of DansBrabant and Veem House of Performance, working on his research into the "selfless body" - the idea that we humans have no fixed core, but that identity forms by mirroring what happens outside us. Self-development is thus no longer a steadily building development, but a "falling in all directions, without any foothold, a constantly mutating body."

Duration: 45 min

Trevoga - 11 3 8 7

In this multimedia collaboration, new choreographic collective Trevoga and experimental electronic music producer Damyst generate a gloomy vision of human bodies in the new media world they navigate.

An artificially generated tv show, an eery dream after a late-night doom scroll, perhaps something even more uncanny. 11 3 8 7 is a performance inspired by the lavish fantasies we fabricate online and their conflicting relation with the increasingly hostile reality around us.

From targeted ads to tailored newsreels, vlogs, gaming streams, and lifestyle influencers, the piece takes virtual representations of ‘real’ human interactions far into the unfamiliar - similar to how an AI bot distorts content when prompted.

11 3 8 7 fills the eyes with polished imagery, yet the packaging is hollow. Behind the glossy appearance of its fictional avatars lurks an unsettling atmosphere almost impossible to grasp. Like wandering alone through a deserted shopping mall, it haunts its viewers with the chills of a cold, manufactured absence.

Duration: 35 min



Credits Jefta Tanate - Domeless
concept Jefta Tanate performers Roni Yaacobi, Sem van der Zouwen artistieke begeleiding Peter Hendrikx dramaturgie Eylül Fidan Akıncı kostuumontwerp Jivika Biervliet vormgeving Jefta Tanate scenografisch advies Julia Vargas lichtontwerp Rob Daanen sound design Zino Schat & Adrian Newgent productie Theater aan de Rijn, aangesloten bij De Nieuwe Oost 
mede mogelijk gemaakt door Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Gemeente Arnhem, Provincie Gelderland, Provincie Overijssel, VSBfonds, VriendenLoterij Fonds & Dioraphte 

Credits Justin de Jager - Brothers
choreography en concept Justin de Jager performance Justin de Jager, Sem Deliveyne in collaboration with Korzo 

Credits Anthony van Gog - crowdkill maker Anthony van Gog performer Evangelos Biskas geluidsontwerp Boris de Klerk & Anthony van Gog

Credits Trevoga - 11 3 8 7
choreography Trevoga Collective styling La Fam sound Damyst light Nadia Bekkers co-Production ICK Dans Amsterdam & One Dance Week Bulgaria made with the support of NORMA Funds, Performing Art Funds NL/Fonds Podiumkunsten & Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.