TRipp [space] with Merel Smitt and Floor van Leeuwen

The research and development platform of Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam (TR) gives the new generation of makers space for a month to exchange knowledge and ideas with each other and invited guest artists. TRipp [space] stands for Theater Rotterdam image, performance & production.

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Urban ecologies

The first week of June ’23, we are starting with the 5th edition of TRipp [space]: Theater Rotterdam Image, Performance & production Space. This edition has the overarching theme Urban Ecologies and the invited artists are Floor van Leeuwen (they/them) and Merel Smitt. Within this edition of TRipp [ space }, the artist - in - residence program of Productiehuis TR, both makers will focus on their project to implement them later in different cities in Rotterdam and abroad.  

This edition in a nutshell
Merel will focus on further development of her project How To Start A Movement? and will question the current ecological norms, exploring different ways to disrupt these norms, discovering the relationship between city and nature, strengthening our connection with nature, and how our personal and collective efforts can contribute to ecological, social and bbehavioral change on a larger scale. 
Floor will continue to develop their project Swarming. Just like bird-swarms which can shape-shift and adapt through collaborations in different cities. With this research Floor wants to conceptualize, through space, through identities in this space, through ways of organizing and sharing, why we are here, beyond and through dancing. Through moving from their own geography in Rotterdam to the geographies of London, Marrakech and Athens, while exchanging practice with contemporary DJs, queer and artivist collectives and mental health workers.  

Makers of this edition

In this edition we invite Merel Smitt (left) and Floor van Leeuwen (right). What does their process within this edition of TRipp [space] look like? And where is the exchange? Scroll down and read more:

For the 5th edition of TRipp [space], Merel Smitt will travel to Skopje to participate the SummerLab #4 where she will encounter with urbanists, ecologists, activists and other 10 artists of ACT ) Art, Climate Transition Network. After that she will return to Rotterdam and start to collaborate with Floor van Leeuwen for the preparation of new cycles of  How To Start A Movement? In collaboration with Humanistisch Verbond from Ecohumanist perspective. Floor van Leeuwen will participate to Relay Lecture in Rotterdam and will kick off their Swarming project in collaboration with Arts Admin in London in the end of June during What Shall We Build Here - a festival of art, climate and community -   and will continue to work there with the LGBTQ+ community till end of August’23. Swarming project is part theirs Fast Forward research programme and is made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten.  
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Tripp [space] - with Merel Smitt and Floor van Leeuwen - is part of is part of ACT (Art Climate Transition), a European cooperation project on ecology, climate change and social transition. In an era of climate breakdown, mass extinction and growing inequalities, we join our forces in a project on hope: connecting broad perspectives with specific, localised possibilities, ones that invite or demand that we ACT.