Loïc Perela
vr 17 mrt en za 18 mrt
The plenty-I-hear moves the bodies I live by

In SOLO I will create bits of stories that stay suspended for you to imagine their ends
With SOLO I will create soundscapes with my voice and body for you to be moved
During SOLO I will dance
Throughout SOLO I will dance like there is no tomorrow because I only know this moment in time

In the dance performance SOLO Loïc Perela is on a search to explore the voices, the stories that possibly make him. What are the ways we construct, perpetuate, believe or ignore stories? How do they shape who we are? How do they shape the way we look at and consider others?

Histories, politics, social norms and expectations alongside creative unknowns and silences to wonder. ‘I play and dance with it because my body and soul are shaped by such clay. I listen or shut my ears, I open or close my eyes. I create little abstractions for us to hang out with.’

The plenty-I-hear moves the bodies I live by

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Bio Loïc Perela

Loïc is based in Portugal. Studied at ENSDM Marseille and CNSM Paris (1998 and 2004). Danced at IT Dansa Barcelona, Donlon Dance Company Saarbrücken and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (2004 and 2012). Freelance choreographer supported by Dansateliers Rotterdam, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg and CCN Caen Normandie (2012-2019). Won Nederlandse Dansdagen Prize in 2015. Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten and Prins Bernhard Fonds for several works (2015-2019). Owns a BA (Honors) in Philosophy and Art History. SOLO is a co-production between Stichting Colab.loicperela, CC-Heidelberg and Unterwegstheater. 

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We ademen dans, we zijn dans, we houden van dans.  We breathe dance, we are dance, we love dance. 


Choreography concept and performance Loïc Perela Sound design João Polido Light design Agnese Rosati Production Colab.loïcperela Coproduction CC-Heidelberg; Unterwegstheater